Upcoming Classes

Reiki One Class Schedule
~ April 22nd 2023 @ 10am – 4:30pm $155 (6 CEU’s)
Reiki Two Class Schedule
~ May 13th 2023 @ 10am – 3:30pm $255 (5 CEU’s)
Reiki Master Training Class Schedule
~Not currently scheduled
Energy Share ~ First Wednesday of Each Month $0 – FREE (1.5hr hands-on CEU certificate available for $15)
~ 4.5.2023 6pm
~ 5.3.2023 6pm
~ 6.7.2023 6pm
~ 7.5.2023 6pm
for the next
Schedule online using the links above or RSVP to Matthew by phone or text at 509.539.5855 or by email at unitystonehealth@gmail.com.

What is Reiki? Reiki is an ancient system of hands on energy healing.  Reiki is a Japanese word, which literally translated, means “universal life force energy” (Rei -universal life force, Ki – energy).

Reiki Level I Training

This class is the Level One Reiki Course and covers the history of Reiki and teaches the basics of using Reiki for self-healing treatment and treating others (including your pets, plants, food you eat, and water you drink, etc.).
The course is broken into two parts: The first covers the origins, history, and story of Reiki, and an introduction to the Chakras (energy centers located in our bodies). The second part is the hands on session where each student is able to practice using Reiki, ask questions, and learn the basic hand positions and intent behind the practice of Reiki.

Part One: The history portion of this course covers the origins of Reiki; it’s rediscovery in the mid 1800’s by Mikao Usui, and the basic precepts of Reiki (Reiki Principles). This course offers a non-traditional approach, where intention becomes the focal point of each Reiki session.
Energy is everything. There are several energy related exercises that begin to allow the student to understand and feel the energies present in all things.
Introduction to Chakras:  How and why they are an important part of our physical body’s interaction with the energies that surround and flow through us at all times.

Lunch break and Reiki Level I attunement: Please bring your own lunch to be eaten on-site. At this time each student will receive the Reiki Level I attunement – this is a short one-on-one ceremony between the student and Reiki Master which opens and make adjustments in the students’ energy pathways and connects the student to the source of Reiki.

Part Two: The students learn the basics of a Reiki healing session, hand positions, and how to use Reiki for self-treatment and the treatment of others. This is followed by the hands on portion of the course, where each student is given the opportunity to practice Reiki on themselves, and teamed up with other students in the class, for practice treating others.

A Reiki I manual and certificate of completion will be provided to each student.

Meet the Instructor

Matthew J. Rasey LMT – Reiki Master – unitystonehealth@gmail.com – unitystonehealth.com
Matthew J. Rasey graduated from DeVry University in Columbus, Ohio in 1993, where he was employed as a software programmer/analyst for 20 years. After 20 years in the computer business, a recession, and some life changes, he chose a new path, one that would make him happy. With that, he began studying Eastern Massage Therapy at the American Institute of Alternative Medicine in Columbus, Ohio, and graduated in fall of 2009. During this time, he began to learn about other alternative forms of natural/energy healing, including Reiki. He studied Reiki under Reiki Master/ND Clara Bayer and became a Reiki Master in 2011. Rasey received his Washington LMT license (MA 60173743) in 2011, and currently lives in Prosser, Washington. He owns and operates Unity Stone Health, a successful massage and Reiki practice, with locations in: Prosser and Richland Washington.

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