About Reiki

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese word for universal life force energy. “Rei” represents the spirit, a limitless, ethereal force: “Ki” represents the vital life force in all living things.

In the late nineteenth century, a Japanese Monk educator named Mikao Usui spent many years studying healing energy and devoted his life to teaching individuals to access this energy to use it for the common good.

It is believed that the body is made up of dynamic energy systems; within Reiki practice, the systems are called “chakras.” There are seven major chakras within the body through which universal life energy flows. The chakras are located parallel to the spine from the coccyx to the “crown” or top of the head. A block to the flow of energy to any of these areas can lead to dis-ease. Reiki assists the body in healing itself by bringing body, mind, emotion and spirit into alignment. It supports the system in achieving harmony.

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