Summer 2021 Appointments Request Page – Round 2

The selection process for ROUND 2 will be open thru Saturday, May15th 2021 at midnight. On May 16th I will begin reviewing all of the requests and adding them to my schedule.**

**Please note: If more than one person selects the same date/time, I will randomly select one person to schedule for that time/date.

You will receive email conformation, the same as always, for your requested appointment(s) when they are ‘officially’ scheduled. If you do not receive an email notification for the appointment(s) you requested, you did not get the appointment(s).

Once all of the requested appointments are scheduled, I will notify everyone via email.

Welcome to the Summer 2021 appointment request page

I have linked the calendars WITH THE REMAINING AVAILABLE DATES for appointments in June, July, and August 2021 below. Click the ‘Download’ button to view the calendar for each month. Use the calendars to review and select the date/times that work for you.

After you have chosen the date/times that you are interested in, scroll DOWN this page and fill in the APPOINTMENT REQUEST FORM to request the appointments.*

*You may request up to 6 appointments this round.

Appointment Request Form

Fill in this form and then click SUBMIT at the bottom of the page to send your appointment request(s).

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